Is Mount View a Jefferson County Public School?

Yes. Jefferson County Public Schools is responsible for providing educational content for detained students enrolled at the Mount View Detained School. Science, social studies, language arts, math, special education, Life Skills, and Seminar are taught by licensed teachers. Teachers follow the Jeffco Bridge to Curriculum document and follow the Jefferson County Public Schools school calendar. Within each classroom, content teachers can have several different content courses ranging from grades 6-12.

What curriculum is used at Mount View for detained residents?

The Mount View Detained School follows the Jeffco Public Schools curriculum and course guidelines.

Is credit recovery available for residents at Mount View?

No. Enrolled residents participate in six (6) classes during the regular school year as well as the summer education program. Credit recovery is not available.

Do residents get credit for work completed at Mount View?

Yes.  All students completing a minimum of 2 days of school the Mount View Detained School will have a withdrawal grade calculated and forwarded to the students neighborhood school or next placement upon release based upon 30 seat hours equally 1/4 credit hour. 

Can residents graduate with a High School Diploma from Mount View?

No.  Students who have completed all Jeffco Public Schools graduation requirements will receive a Jeffco Public Schools Diploma from their home (neighborhood) High School. 

If the Mount View Detained School student has primary enrollment status at another Jeffco School, is he/she allowed to complete work from their primary school while at Mount View?

Yes. Mount View Detained School administration works with the students primary enrolled school when appropriate to provide the most relevant work to help prevent gaps in the students academic progress. 

What is the average length of stay for detained students at Mount View Youth Services Center Detained School?

The average length of stay for detained students at Mount View Youth Services Center is approximately 15 days.

How does a student become enrolled at Mount View Youth Services Center Detained School?

A student becomes enrolled at Mount View Youth Services Center Detained School when one of the 1st, 5th, or 16th Judicial District Courts finds a student has violated Colorado State Law or a valid court order which requires a detention stay. 

What agencies are involved with the Mount View Youth Services Center?

Mount View Youth Services Center is a secure, co-ed multi-purpose facility that involves Jefferson County Public Schools, Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Corrections,  and the 1st, 5th, and 16th Judicial Districts.

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